Cloud Jam combines elements of modern musical genres with Ukrainian folk basis using contemporary instruments as well as exotic instruments from all over the world.

Drum'n'bass, dub, psy, ethno-trance, meditative covered by strong and tenderly bright vocal - surely, you'll love it!




live in India


official music video


live in India

Cloud Jam is the international project. The band members are from different countries such as: Ukraine, India, Sweden, Poland, Russia and Denmark. 

Cloud Jam has participated in festivals in such countries as Sweden, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Germany, Romania, Turkey, India, Russia and Ukraine.

The number of the band members are usually five or six. Instruments: bass, electric guitars, melodica, kazoo, mouth harp, harmonica, overtone flute, sansula, drums, percussion, keyboards. Musicians also use different kinds of musical processors to create modern and unique sound.


The refreshing tunes of Cloud Jam are indeed heavenly music melodiously raining down from the clouds above

Audience values Cloud Jam for sincere performance, drive, unusual sound and unexpected arrangements.