Cloud Jam combines elements of different musical genres with Ukrainian folk basis. As well as modern electronic sound with power of live instruments.

Drum'n'bass, dub, psy, folktronica, meditative covered by strong and tenderly bright vocal - this the mark of Cloud Jam music.




live in India


official music video


live in Budapest

Cloud Jam is a musical band from Ukraine, formed in 2010. Nowadays the band performs as electro-acoustic duet with option of full band for big festivals.

Cloud Jam had participated various musical festivals in Germany, France, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, India, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine. With idea to show to the world the uniqueness of Ukrainian culture in their own modern interpretation.

 Cloud Jam live performance - it's real musical journey, from mood to mood, from style to style. Flavored with love to experiments and deep diving into the sound.

The refreshing tunes of Cloud Jam are indeed heavenly music melodiously raining down from the clouds above

Audience values Cloud Jam for sincere performance, drive, unusual sound and unexpected arrangements.